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What kind of the service of domestic mail and courier in Japan?

There are a various type of forwarding agencies who has a distribution service of post mails and parcels. Here is a main using forwarding method from amongst that. Moreover, they also have a special delivery service depending on parcel such as temperature control delivery. Please feel free to contact DEEP for special delivery if you need.

Forwarding method
General mail
- Extremely accurate delivery
- Postcard of advertisement mail will be subject to cheap less than mail
- Forwarding mail to new address is available if application of changing
address is offered when moving.
- Advance payment of delivery fee is basically
- A sealed letter size delivery is comparatively expensive
Postcard (Hagaki): ¥52
Standard-sized mail / Nonstandard-sized mail:
¥82 - ¥1180 depending on size/weight
Please refer to “Japanese postal service - Standard-sized mail and
Nonstandard-sized mail -“ for more information.

- Distributed by postman
- Forwarding mail to new address is available if changing address
application is offered when moving.
- Available up to 3kg
- Cheap only for Owari area (Light parcel only)
- Subject to change rates depending on the number of posting mails one time
- Offered an address of sender and return (a company name)
- Necessary of pre-application (Not available on emergency delivery)
- Subject to change a unit price depending on weight/area
Up to 150g: ¥180
Up to 250g: ¥215
Up to 500g: ¥300
Up to 1kg: ¥350
Up to 2kg: ¥460
Up to 3kg: ¥610
(Tariff rate)

Kuroneko DM delivery (Mail delivery)
- Cheapest
- A single rate for A4 size (length 332mm x width 240mm, called “Kaku-ni
Futou), up to thickness of 2cm and weight of 1kg
- Tracking confirmation by a bar code reader
- Unlimited the number of the posting mails
- An inaccurate delivery comparison with general mail and Yu-mail
- Limitation of length 332mm x width 240mm, called “Kaku-ni Futou /
weight up to 1kg
Upper limit to ¥164 depending on shipment contract due to an individual
contract of a corporative, an individual owner-manager and a various

Home delivery (Takuhai-bin)
- Available for heavy items
- Specified date/(roughly) time delivery
- Reliable delivery in many cases as a notice of non-delivery comes
- Delivery cost is comparatively expensive
- Subject to change a unit price depending on weight/area
Please refer to the following “Rate comparison of main home delivery

Rate comparison of main home delivery services
Forwarding method

Rate comparison of main home delivery services

Below size is an upper limit to a total dimension of width + height + depth.

Forwarding agencies
Japan Post
Yamato Transport
Sagawa Express
Seino Holdings
Delivery Service name
Yu-Pack service (Up to 30kg)
Home Delivery service (Takkyu-bin)
Hikyaku Express
Kangaroo Mini delivery

Size 60
Up to 2kg: ¥756
Up to 2kg: ¥756
Size 60
Up to 2kg: ¥830

Size 80
Up to 5kg: ¥972
Up to 5kg: ¥1,026
Size 70
Up to 50kg: ¥1,070
Size 100
Up to 10kg: ¥1,188
Up to 10kg: ¥1,296
Size 120
Up to 15kg: ¥1,404
Size 100
Up to 10kg: ¥1,310

Size 140
Up to 20kg: ¥1,620
Up to 20kg: ¥1,566
(140 size)
Size 130
Up to 20kg: ¥1,430

Size 160
Up to 25kg: ¥1,836
Up to 30kg: ¥1,836
(Over 130 size)
Available for “Kangaroo Express”

Size 170
Available for “Yamato Delivery”
Available for “Hikyaku Large Size Express”

Over 170 sizes

Above sample rate are delivery costs of each service from Tokyo to Kanto
Rate comparison of main home delivery services

The rates for each service are domestic regular cost in Japan. DEEP offers low delivery cost less than above rates due to an alliance with all companies. For Japan, we can provide the best delivery method according to a various services of all companies including these services and your requirements. Also we can arrange of Air charter if you needed. We, DEEP has an established business operations networks in 12 countries of APAC area, which has widely provided the high added value services such as Enclosure, Packaging, Data management and Printing, Postal management, Logistics, Warehouse management, Mailing, International delivery and Hand to hand delivery.

Please feel free to contact DEEP for those who are interested in DM and sending parcels for Japan. Our staff having know-how, which can be provided a high quality service at low-cost to our customers, offers best delivery method. Please contact us via contact form on right side.


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