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Japanese postal service - What is "Correspondence letter" 「信書」 -

There is a regulation of “Correspondence letter delivery” in Japan. “Correspondence letter” in a word, a letter or a document of what specified individual name is written as an address. Postal law and correspondence letter delivery law in Japan, defined as “writings that express the intentions of the sender, or notify facts, to a specified recipient”. “Correspondence letter” can be sent by general delivery service but can’t be sent by a part of low prices service including Mail delivery.

The followings are a main letter of “Correspondence letter”.

Type of correspondence of letter

A report/A declaration
Type of correspondence of letter
Letter, A bill, Delivery noticem, A receipt, An estimate, An application, A letter of application A written application, A contract ,An inquiry, A response application, A letter of acceptance
A letter of convocation
Invitation of weeding、A document of report
A warrant
Drivers license、A certificate、An award
A certificate
A seal-registration certificate, A tax-paid certificate, A copy of family register, A copy of residence certificate
Direct Mail
A writings that notes a recipient on document itself
A writings that notes an obvious purport including in relation to the uses purchase of products and a contract to a specified recipient

Some of Direct mails, for example, “A handbill which is distributed in the street or a flier newspaper” and “Pamphlet and leaflet which are distributed at the store front” won’t even come under “Correspondence letter”. Also digital recording media such as CDs, DVDs and USB memory cards and writings that notes an individual name including credit card and passport won’t come under “Correspondence letter”. When in doubt, please feel free to contact us.

“Correspondence letter” service

The service is provided “Correspondence letter” as below.

Post mail
The delivery is provided the service of small parcel including correspondence letter that offers fair and wide throughout the country by Japan post, based on the regulation of Japan mail law.
General correspondence delivery
Under dimension of length is 40cm, width is 30cm, thickness is 3cm and parcel weight is 250g. These correspondence items is permitted with a nationwide rate and handling, and delivery is provided within 3 days as a rule. *Until now, no entrants have applied for this service in Japan.
Special correspondence delivery
The delivery is provided the service that fall under any of the following for special demands. - A large correspondence delivery service Delivery correspondence items whose combined length, width and thickness over 9cm. - Express service Delivery correspondence items which are delivered within 3 hours from collection by bike etc. - High value added service Delivery correspondence items of what the delivery fee is over ¥1000.
We, DEEP have a know-how, which can be provided a high quality service at low cost to customers. Please feel free to contact us about items what you would like to send. We can advise a delivery method of lower cost after judgments of “Correspondence delivery”. Please contact us via contact form on right side.


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