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How to carry out customs clearance formalities in Japan?

The following procedure is customs clearance formalities for the cargo that is arrived in Japan then will be delivered to the consignee.

Air freight / Shipping
Arrival Japan

The Cargo arrival in Japan will be provisionally stored at “a Hozei area” (a
bonded area) until finishing of proceedings relating to importation.

Procedure for other regulations
It will be subject to arrange for regulations other than the laws in relation to
customs duty including The Plant Quarantine Law, The Domestic Animal
Infectious Diseases Control Law depending on the cargo.


“Arrival Notice” will be issued by airfreight company or shipping company
for consignee after the cargo arrived.

Import declaration
Consignee must go to airfreight company or shipping company to get a
document relating to shipping contract, check with commercial invoice
coming from shipper and make an import declaration for customs that has
jurisdiction over a Hozei area where the cargo is provisionally stored.

Customs Inspections
Customs Inspections will be made by the customs for the cargo that is made
import declaration.

Import customs duty payment
Import permission will be made after confirmation of import customs duty

Import permission

Receiving the cargo
By showing the import permission to the staff of a Hozei area will be
available for receiving the cargo to inland.


Forwarding as import cargo
How to carry out customs clearance formalities in Japan?

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