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Act against Unjustifiable Premium Misleading Representations for Gifts

"Act against Unjustifiable Premium Misleading Representations" in Japan. In this regulation, the amount premiums of small gifts like novelty goods for sales promotion and a lottery prize are determined. This is because of a prohibition of attracting customers with excessive premium. The following are the amount of novelty for DM according to exchange rate of the time.

Premiums offered to all

This is a premium offered apart from prizes and freely provided to all visitors like novelty goods. A first-come-first-served basis premium also goes to this premium.

General prize

A prize is offered as a result of a drawing such as lottery, quiz and contest for products and service users.

Joint Prize

Multiple companies like certain geographical shops and competitors offer a prize.

Presents which will not be subject to the regulation.

The following presents won’t come under the regulation.


Coupon will not be subject to the regulation due to a discount coupon. But premium exchange tickets apply this regulation.

Sample products

Provided Sample products like sample goods will not be subject to the regulation.

Open prize

Programs which are publicized through newspapers, TV, magazines, websites, etc. without requiring purchase of goods or services and come to the store to those who have submitted the application by postcard, email and website. This is called “Open prize”. The open prize will not be subject to the regulation.

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