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Japanese postal service - Standard-sized mail and nonstandard-sized mail -

There are different rates apply depending on the shape and uses of the mail. The rate will be subject to changes depending on area and weight of general letters and postcards even if they would be in the same size. Standard rule by post office "Standard-sized mail”: Standard dimension and thickness "Nonstandard-sized mail”: Out of standard dimension and thickness. Fitting to "Standard-sized mail" can be kept mail rates down.

Basis of "Standard-sized mail" and "Nonstandard-sized mail"

Basis of "Standard-sized mail" and "Nonstandard-sized mail"

The rates of "Standard-sized mail" and "Nonstandard-sized mail"

The rates of "Standard-sized mail" and "Nonstandard-sized mail"

The rates of "Standard-sized mail" and "Nonstandard-sized mail" can be controlled by weight-based system. The rate will be subject to discount for sending a large amount of letters and parcels on business.

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