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Direct mail (DM) awareness for Japanese - About the opening rate and action after receiving -

78.7% of the opening rate

The average of receiving DM per week for Japanese is 5.8 mails. This is overall opening rate that is 62.2% but addressed to oneself of that is 78.7%. This shows that the more highly target whom to send mailings to, the more the opening rate would be up.

The following is a higher ranking of receiving DM.

A notification that new products and services
A notification that special bargain, sale and campaign
Bill and usage details statement of products and services
An event information

The times of aim at synergy effects with the Internet.

16.2% of the people take any actions after receiving and opening DM. 40% of them also take actions of searching on the Internet or posting on SNS and BBS. The more following up by using Internet after sending them, the more highly effects of DM.

Action after opening and reading DM to oneself

Survey:216 people (man/female) are living at the capital city area.
Ages: 20-59
The total DMs: 2465 mails (a breakdown: addressed to oneself 1373 mails
/to family 882 mails/Others 210 mails)
Survey period:Preliminary survey: From 2nd to 5th of December, 2014
/ Main survey: From 5th to 22nd of December, 2014 Resource: Summary of "DM Media Factual investigation 2014"
By General Incorporated Association Japan DM Association,
R&D committee edition

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