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Japanese Letter manner

How to write address

Japanese addresses start with the postal code, followed by the prefecture, city and further subarea number, and end with the recipient's name. This is completely reverse order of western style. In general, title "sama"「様」 is followed by the recipient's name.

How to write address

Basic Letter Rules

For direct mail, it would rather not to stick to formal style than given a stiff image. But for elderly people with formal content, it would be good to put a greeting message as an enclosure. The following is a basic formatting rule for Japanese letter.

In the top right would be fine regardless of the rules for following by the
contents. It should be prefix "Mr." or "Ms." to recipients name.

This is a regular form of the opening word consists of a set word、 拝啓 Hai
kei、 kind of like the word Dear.
拝啓 goes with the closing greeting 敬具Kei gu.

Set Expression 1:
At the beginning of the letter there should be a set expression, which are
about weather, the season.

This is the thing you want to say.

Set Expression 2:
This is another set expression at the end.
If asking response for this letter would be offered, this is where you

It goes before sender name, if needed.

Sender name should be written at the end.
Basic Letter Rules
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