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Do you have any parcels that can’t handle on your service?

The following is three points of that can’t handle parcels on our services.

Parcels that is contrary to a law, public order or morality

Our services are conformed to a law and regulations of Japan. If you have any trouble judgments and problems, please feel free to contact us.

drug image copy brand image copy softwear image

Cash, Check, Bill, A share certificate and Securities

bill image check paper image stock certificate image

Documents that is hard to re-issue

Admission ticket for an examination, Passport and Automobile inspection certificate etc. If you have any trouble judgments and problems of others, please feel free to contact us.

examinationcard image passport image

Notes on simplified delivery

Simplified delivery including “Mail delivery” is a very useful service that can be delivered a small parcel at low cost. But there are some of them that can’t be sent by “Correspondence letter” according to Japanese regulation. “Correspondence letter”「信書」is a kind of letter that is written a specified individual address. Please refer to “What is “Correspondence letter”「信書」?” for more details.

Please feel free to contact DEEP for those who are interested in postmail and DM for Japan. Our staff having knowledge of Japanese regulation offers best delivery method for your parcel. Please contact us via contact form on right side.


Learn about Direct Mail of Japan

Our Services - DM Operations Japan
Please entrust us (DEEP) with DM operations for Japan

We can provide direct mail safety, quickly, correctly to customers with logistics know-how of having nurtured over time.

Full Customer Support
Full support system

Phones, emails are available for your all inquiries. Our staff can support with multiple languages.

Competitive Costing
Offering the best method of cost cutting

According to customer’s situation, we can offer the best method of cost cutting with past many experience and performance. Satisfaction guaranteed and reasonable service at low cost more than any other agencies.

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